To Order a Sample:


1) Submit a Trade Sample Request Form (see Order Button below)


On the Trade Sample Request Form, you will need to list:


1) The Tilecrest® Series of the Sample(s) being requested,

2) The Color(s) from that Series, and

3) The Size(s) you are interested in


Provided sample sizes may be less than your listed tile sizes as a result of shipping constraints


NOTE: As a trade professional, you may order up to four (4) samples at one time.

Sample Cost:


All Samples are free of charge to Trade Professionals who provide license/registration numbers and the state of licensure or registration and/or resale number and state of operation.


Before ordering, you will need to read the "Samples Policy" provided below as your request for a sample(s) will confirm your understanding of the policy.




When selecting a tile or any other product from the Tilecrest Collection, one must understand that the Sample used to make the selection is representative of the specific product.


The supplied materials selected by way of the Sample may not match 100% the Sample used in making the selection. What does this mean? It means that the supplied materials may have slight differences in shade and/or surface appearance. This is similar to, for example carpet colors, and any other material that is manufactured in batches.


All supplied materials must, therefore, be INSPECTED PRIOR TO THEIR INSTALLATION by the buyer/installer/end user in order to determine if the supplied materials are acceptable.


For the complete Samples Policy, Click Here

By pressing the "ORDER BUTTON" below, you affirm that you have read and understand the above Tilecrest® "Samples Policy."


Sample Orders

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